(ages 9 – 17 years) grouped by age


Our tumbling class is geared for the needs of cheerleaders

and those who have a general interest in tumbling.

We will work on all aspects of tumbling, jumps, strength, flexibility, and conditioning

necessary for tumbling skills.

We also offer private, semi-private and group lessons.

This gymnast had a HUGE fear of standing back tuck

but after we broke down each part for her (the jump, the set, the tuck, the landing)

it is now HER skill!  She owns it!  She nails it every time!


Classes and lessons include this type of confidence building so athletes

can perform these skills with no fear!

Proper tumbling is low impact, and PAIN FREE.

Our program is drill oriented to train the body to perform the tumbling skills with ease.

We also diagnose previous tumbling issues and work towards correcting them.

Our motto- PERFECT practice makes perfect.





“I’m a Varsity Cheerleader at the Ursuline school and I love to tumble. Over the last two years I’ve developed problems with both my feet…contusions, torn ligaments….and accepted that it was just normal when you tumble as much as I do! John has pointed out that the way I tumbled was causing me to land very hard on my feet. Thankfully, John was able to show me how to adjust my tumbling and land the right way! My feet are not hurting like they used to. Now, landing my full is much easier for me. Thank you John and GymCats!”

Nicole L, The Ursuline School. 2017



“I have been tumbling at a numerous amount of places for about 10 years. I could never understand how after all the hours of going to tumbling classes, I still was unable to tumble on my own. I had no confidence about my tumbling and no motivation to do it on my own. I also got many injuries from tumbling at all these places. Finally, after these years of not being able to tumble, I came to GymCats. After only one year at GymCAts, I am now able to tumble. I went from having absolutely nothing, to now having a standing and running back handspring. I am now currently working on standing tucks, running roundoff tucks, and also a running roundoff back handspring layout. Not only did I finaly get an amazing tumbling pass, but with the help of my amazing instructors, John, Alyssa, Rich and Kris, I can now tumble with no fear, injuries, or worries. Aside from them teaching me these skills, they also gave me confidence and made sure I never gave up. That motivation they gave me is the reason I can tumble today! Thank you guys!”

-Jillian S. Maria Regina High School, 2014


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