This program is divided into 3 separate groups: Parent and Me, 3 yr olds and 4 yr olds.


Parent & Me

An instructional class offered for 20 months – 2 1/2 year olds.

(A care giving adult must be present and physically able to participate with child.)

Children will engage on all of our age appropriate equipment alongside a certified instructor.

They will learn foundational gymnastics skills, as well as gross motor skills.

Children will also make use of our foam-filled pit, Tumbl Trak®, and in-ground trampoline.

This is a 35-40 minute class.




3 Year Old Gymnastics

Children attend class with their instructor.

(Parents will wait in the waiting area.)

Teacher child ratio is low.

These classes feature basic movement education based upon motor learning principles

and include upper and lower body large muscle development, basic coordination skills,

beginner gymnastics skills, bar and vaulting skills, as well as body and spatial awareness.

The children are also instructed on the trampoline and Tumbl-Trak®

and have the use of our foam-filled pit.

We focus on personal best with this age group.


4 Year Old Gymnastics

4 year olds make use of the same apparatus as the 3 year olds

however, both what they are learning and how they are learning are different.

There is more emphasis placed on the intricate details of the skills they are learning.

4 year olds will also be given more freedom to do skills on their own

under the supervision of their instructor.

In addition, they will be learning more advanced skills, which will prepare them to enter our Little Cat program.